How to generate Time Quotas in SAP HR

SAP HR expert Sheryl Middleton explains how to view data in quota overview tables after running Time Evaluation in SAP HR.

After running Time Evaluation for "-ve" time without clock times, I am not getting any values into my quota overview tables. What could be the problem?

Function QUOTA generates quota based on rules including the keys to Table T559L:

  • Client
  • ESG for Time Quota Compensation Infoypes
  • PSG for Time Quota Infotype
  • PSG for time recording
  • Quota "type selection rule group"
  • Selection Rule for Absence Quota Type
  • End Date

Search the display log for QUOTA, then "general information" and review the various rules, including "applicable" of rule. Conditions are defined as "fulfilled," where applicable. If this does not exist, back up to the "initialization" to review the modifiers. Alternatively, feature QUOMO may drive this. Or determine on which day the quota is generated based on the "validity/deduction" interval and "validity" period for default.

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