How to fix Smart Forms printing double purchase orders

An SAP user wants to know why Smart Forms is printing two copies of a purchase order simultaneously.

Since going live with our new install, two copies are getting printed out of the Smart Forms purchase orders. And the second print copy isn't the same as the initial creation. Someone else wrote the Smart Form and I can't figure out what is causing this.
Double prints? I doubt that the issue lies within the form itself. These are the places I would check:

1) Output records:

  • See which condition triggered the output and the number of copies associated

  • See if more than one condition is triggering output

2) The print program:

  • See if it calls the form more than once
  • See if it directly changes the "number of copies" parameter inside structure OUTPUT_OPTIONS

If you are really stuck, I would set a trace and attempt to reproduce the error (transaction SFTRACE).

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