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How to find out if you are ready for SAP consulting

Looking to figure out if you are ready for SAP consulting? Trying to find the best SAP consulting firm? Jon Reed, SAP career expert, answers one reader's question.

I currently work with SAP within the civil service. My experience is in FI/CO for the public sector, and I currently do a lot of configuration in this area. How can I gain the necessary knowledge/skills to break into consulting?
It sounds like you already have some good SAP experience. The best way to find out if you are ready for the consulting world is to simply apply for a couple of SAP consulting jobs and see how many responses you get. Based on the feedback you get by carefully testing the market, you'll know if you're ready. If you really have trouble getting responses on your application, then you probably need to switch to a new position for a new employer. Remember that the key to consulting is having multiple projects under your belt, so if you have trouble breaking into consulting, try to pick up another project first.

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