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How to estimate ABAP development work

Do you have any recommendations, templates, methodologies, or best practices for estimating ABAP development work?

As with all development in any environment this is a very subjective task. The scope for different types of development is huge within SAP, so there is no simple answer. One particular issue with SAP development is that often there is quite a lot of research to be done, before the programs can be written - e.g. locating exactly where the data is held, integrating into SAP processesing, etc. Time for research is nigh-on impossible to quantify - it takes as long as it takes!

I can estimate fairly well, once the research has been done, how long a development will take - usually double the programming effort, depending on the complexity of the requirements. But I go along with Yourdon; it comes down to experience, and knowing the abilities of your programmers.

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