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How to do a clean shutdown while still in backup mode

- Oracle (805 on NT4) online backup in progress. (scheduled via SAPDBA - using backint to Acrcserve)
- Power failure
- Current UPS scripts allow for SAP shutdown.

Question: How do I do a clean shutdown of Oracle while all the tablespaces are still in a backup mode. If I do a shutdown immediately, it will sit there and wait for the backup to finish. I need the backup to cancel immediately and shut the database down. I do not really want to do a shutdown abort...

1. Crash the database, e.g. shut the power down.
2. Take the tablespaces out of backup mode using a script, and then shut the database down.

Alter database [tablespace] end backup;
(For each tablespace in your database using svrmgrl)

If you crash while in backup mode, you will have to take EACH DATAFILE (not tablespace) out of backup mode when you try to restart Oracle. I would recommend that you script this ahead of time, since some databases routinely have hundreds of datafiles. Sapdba might allow for this I am not sure.

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