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How to define organizational structure

I'm working on a project of CRM in a company of services that does not have SAP. We want to implement R/3 with FI and MM and to take all the operative stuff off the service in CRM. All the services are associated to a contract with monthly invoicing. What do you suggest to define organizational structure, contracts and prices in R/3-SD? Or should we do it in CRM directly?
You could use SAP R/3 Customer Service/Plant Maintenance modules to implement service functionality. This offers an advantage of managing all applications(FI, MM, CS/PM) in R/3 server. R/3 CS has only limited functionality of supporting customer service via a call center and Internet self service, whereas SAP CRM has powerful service call center application using either Win Client or Web Client. SAP CRM also comes with built-in Internet customer self service (ICSS).

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