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How to create a sales order that triggers a configurable network order

Learn how to create a sales order that triggers a configurable network order. Application development expert Matt Billingham describes how.

I have a typical scenario in one of my interfaces. We are working on VC and what I am trying to do is create a sales order with a material which in turn triggers a configurable network order. I am using


for the same. I have used this BAPI in the past for creating sales orders with configurable materials and it works absolutely fine.

In this case we need to influence the network configuration rather than the mterial configuration and we are not able to do so. I have tried all the combinations and it simply does not affect the network configuration. I have tried to go through all the material and OSS notes but in vain. Can you to advise me on this?

OSS Note 888850 may have the answer for you. I note it was just created on the 17th. Otherwise, you'll need to raise an OSS message with SAP.

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