How to configure an SAP HR system using the SAP PA40 code

An SAP HR user is looking to hire an employee and wants to know how to configure the SAP HR system. Learn about SAP the PA40 transaction code, and how it executes the hiring action.

I need help understanding the configuration of SAP HR so that I can set up the screens within SAP HR for creating a position, and then entering new employee data.

I am looking for help with setting up the screens specifying which organizational unit the employee belongs to. I need to know how to set up SAP infotype 2, infotype 8, earnings, reimbursements, deductions, etc.

First, ensure that all necessary configuration is complete. That is, organizational units and positions are created on the Organizational Management side and that the Enterprise and Personnel Structures are complete. SAP transaction code PA40 executes the hiring action. Again, this hiring action needs to be customized for the country in which this function exists as well as business specific requirements.

Additionally, country-specific customization needs to be done for various infotypes, such as infotype 0002, Personal Data. Germany has different requirements than United States. Define your requirements and configure your system. People-Centric CRM (PCC), pre-configured client, delivers defaults for much of this based on best practices.

Assuming that a person is hired for a specific function within the business, you'll need to determine the organizational unit and position that the opening represents.

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