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How to configure SAP workflow clients

Find out how to configure clients so that the same version of an SAP workflow item is used when the workflow is triggered in separate clients.

We have a custom SAP workflow item which is using Version 6 as the active version in our Development system (Client X).

There was a client copy from the Quality system to another client in the Development system (Client Y). Currently, the active version in Client X and Client Y is Version 6, and in the Quality system, the active version was Version 6 during client copy.

The problem is that when the SAP workflow item is triggered in Client Y, Version 3 is used instead of Version 6. What is the best way to fix this?

Does the SAP workflow 'compile' in Client Y? If there are any syntax errors (binding, missing methods, etc.) in Client Y then the workflow runtime will 'fall back' on the last good version of the workflow.

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