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How to clone an SAP ECC 6.0 instance

An administrator is looking to clone an SAP ECC 6.0 instance.

I would like to clone an SAP ECC 6.0 instance.

To do that, I will copy the central instance (content of /usr/sap/YE1 --> /usr/sap/YX1, and /sapmnt/YE1/exe --> /sapmnt/YX1/exe).

Then I will adapt the instance, default and start profiles, which reside in the profile directory, and will copy the environment files from the YE1 adm home directory to the YX1 home directory. The environment variable values will be changed accordingly.

After that, I will clone Oracle 10g binary (content of /oracle/YE1/10 --> /oracle/YX1/10).

I will copy the environment files from the YE1 adm home directory to the YX1 home directory. The environment variables values will be changed accordingly, and I will do a relink Oracle.

After that, I'll copy data of YE1 to YX1 (the YX1 file systems have been created and are the same than YE1). I'll copy and modify the database configuration files (init.ora, init.dba).

I will set the port names and numbers in the services file (/etc/services on AIX).

I have looked for an SAP procedure, but so far I have not found one. Does the procedure above sound accurate?

Please note that this procedure will only work for ABAP systems only. Many more steps are needed for ABAP+J2EE or J2EE-only systems.

For an ABAP system, the procedure is correct. There are only three additional tasks which cross my mind:

1) As of SAP Net Weaver 7.00, adm uses the tnsnames.ora, which resides in /usr/sap/ /SYS/profile/oracle. As such, you need to adapt the configuration files for Oracle Net in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin and in the SAP profile directory.

2) As you are renaming the Oracle database, do not forget to rebuild the control files.

3) Some post-processing tasks are needed in SAP after copying the system, such as installing a new license or re-configuring the transport domain.

For your information, the procedure to copy a system is described in detail in the Homogeneous System Copy Guide which is available for download at http://service.sap.com/instguides.

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