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How to choose between a career in SAP Basis vs. SAP BI

Wondering how to choose between a career in SAP Basis and a career in SAP BI? Learn how to evaluate jobs based on your skills.

I have completed SAP Basis and BI 7.0 courses. I am very much interested in a career in SAP Basis but I also want to work with large databases, so I joined the BI course as well. Should I try to get a Basis job or target BI? Will I have an edge with SAP Basis?

I would need more information before I can give you an answer in detail. What is your goal? How many years of experience do you have, and in what areas?

I can say one thing: You have to choose between a career in SAP Basis or BI. Within BI itself, you can have various roles depending on your interest and experience. If you have a programming background, you could become a developer. If you have more business knowledge and experience, you could focus on reporting and analysis. If you have a database administrator background, it would be advisable to go into SAP Basis.

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