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How to change the status of selected IDocs before processing

Need help changing the status of selected IDocs before processing? Read Axel Angeli's advice for a reader who is in this exact situation.

Hi Axel,

Let me give you the scenario first. We are using the program RSNAST00 to mass generate EDI outbound invoices that are transferred immediately to an output file, which is then picked up by a non-SAP software to send out to customers. Everything works fine in this process.

Recently, a customer told us that they would prefer to not receive an IDoc if the invoice is for $0. We have been unable to find a way to prevent an IDoc from being created from such invoices. Can you suggest a solution?

We used VOFM to create a procedure for the EDI output type, which checks the invoice amount and if it's 0, returns subrc as false. This works when you actually change the invoice but does not get triggered when RSNAST00 is used.

Next we looked for user exits where we could influence the status/delete the IDocs, etc., but the function module being used J_4A_IDOC_OUTPUT_INVOIC does not provide any useful exits for outbound invoices, especially with RSNAST00 as the triggering program.

We have also looked for a way to delete the IDocs before transferring, but have been unable to find a program to delete IDocs. WE09 allows a search to retrieve the IDocs, but is there a way to then delete (or even change the status of selected IDocs) so that they won't get processed?

OK, that might be tricky. One way to it is to manipulate the IDoc control record from the user exit. You can change the recipient (that would reflect the business logic, as the receiver in this case is not the customer but the garbage bin). Then you define a partner profile for the GARBAGE receiver to route to some dummy file.

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