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How to change the default SAPGUI client number

How to change the instance profile parameter to adjust the default SAPGUI client number.

How do you change the default SAP GUI client number when you initially click on the environment to log in? One...

of the experts on SeaerchSAP.com said that to do this, you need to change an instance profile parameter on the R/3 system. The parameter is:

The default value is 000.

The expert said that you need to make the change, save the instance profile and activate it. Then stop and restart the R/3 instance for the change to take effect. How and where can I do that?

The expert gave you the right solution. In order to change the instance profile parameter, use the TCODE RZ10 and select the instance profile for which you want to perform the changes.

Now, open the instance profile in change mode and add the parameter login/system_client with the required client number. Save your change and activate. Now, once you stop and restart the R/3 instance, the change will take effect.

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