How to change the characteristics of an SAP InfoCube

An SAP user is looking to change the values of a characteristic in an SAP InfoCube and wants to know if it's possible to use virtual InfoCubes to manipulate the data.

I have a requirement to change the values of a characteristic in an SAP InfoCube (i.e., source/product/customer/valid week).

The above data is the format we feed to the InfoCube, but our client wants to change the values in the source column. If anyone calls and says we cannot source the product from this for this valid week, the client needs the ability in the InfoCube to change the source value.

I know this is not standard with SAP InfoCubes, but do you know of any roundabouts to achieve this? Can we use virtual InfoCubes to manipulate the data in the cube and save back to the cube?

This requirement looks more like an online transaction processing (OLTP) application requirement which cannot be done easily in SAP BW. Since SAP BW is a data warehousing system, changes to transaction data need to be generated from the source system. This is the best way of designing and using SAP BW applications. You may try to see if the source can be made a time dependent master data of product to get this accomplished. If not, providing an application in the source system and loading data from this source is the best solution.

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