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How to change default settings in SAP SRM

An SAP SRM user wants to know how to set Confirmation and Invoice as the default options in a limit-order shopping cart.

I am looking to set Confirmation and Invoice as default options in a limit-order shopping cart. Currently, the follow-up actions have only set the Invoice as default.

Is this possible? How can I switch the default to Confirmation and Invoice?

Unfortunately, there is not a generic configuration activity that allows you to restrict one option or the other. In the past, most customers would end up making a template change. Depending on your SRM release, you might have to make an HTML change or a Web Dynpro change directly.

I have not tried this, but you might also try the transaction screen variant SHDO to see if there is a possibility to hide one of the user selections. Obviously, the screen variant option (if available) is better, as it would be an upgrade-friendly change.

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