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How to change SAP IDoc file locations after changing servers

SAP IDocs submit data in specific file locations; if you change the server, this tip explains how to change the file locations.

We are on SAP R/3 4.7. We create IDocs to submit data to ADP for payroll processing. Our consultants set up the inbound and outbound file locations for this process. We have changed the server where the inbound/outbound files are stored. Where do I go in SAP to change the location of the inbound/outbound file locations?
The file locations are ports in SAP, so they are defined as file ports in WE21. You need to make sure that your SAP application server that processes the IDoc has access to the file location from the OS level. So, if it doesn't work, go to the OS-level (UNIX, Windows), log on to the application server and try to read the file from there.

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