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How to build a business case for an upgrade to SAP ECC 6.0

A SearchSAP.com reader is looking to get buy-in for an upgrade to SAP ECC 6.0, and wants to know which key business terms to use in order to build a business case for the upgrade.

We're trying to get buy-in for an upgrade to SAP ECC 6.0, but the business isn't on board. We feel like it's tough to speak the same language. What are some key "business" terms we could use to facilitate a discussion to build a case for an upgrade?
An upgrade should be examined from a series of business focused process efficiency and productivity along with what specific information and analytics can be used to get better business intelligence and performance management. Building out a series of specific tasks and activities that can be quantitatively improved from an amount of time to complete, or what can be improved to avoid or reduce costs along with risk. A cost/benefit analysis should look at the benefits of an upgrade over the total costs to acquire, implement and deploy ECC 6.0. This will help have a business focused discussion. Also, many other applications from SAP can be easily acquired and deployed with ECC that might be useful to examine.

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