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How to better handle end-user requests for SAP functionality

A SearchSAP.com reader wants advice on developing a better process that will help IT better handle requests for functionality by end-users.

Business users are requesting certain functionality in our SAP environment, and members of IT are going off and fulfilling some of these requests without going through a process. Do you have suggestions for better dealing with this situation?
Depending on the functionality and business needs, a program and process review should examine the investment of time, resources and budget for potentially 'rogue' projects. Also, examination to determine the root cause will help identify issues that should be resolved. In many cases I have seen it is the lack of timeliness to meet business needs, and some in IT are looking to improve responsiveness and meet business value faster.

Sometimes you might find lower short term costs to help business by IT teams, but this can run into higher down-stream integration costs. Each of these need to be weighed to know what should be done in the future.

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