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How to I apply patches to Central User Administration (CUA)?

Procedures for applying spam patches, kernel patches and GUI patches on CUA.

Please help me learn how to apply spam patches, kernel patches and GUI patches for CUA.
  • When applying patches for CUA, specifically kernel patches and GUI patches, is there a seperate procedure or is it the same as other SAP systems?
  • Do we have to apply patches only to the parent system or also the child systems?
The system hosting the Central User Administration is an SAP application server as any other. The same patching procedures apply. Different SAP applications and releases can be integrated into one CUA. The same goes for their patch level.

One of my customers is running ECC, BW, XI, SRM and CRM. All of these systems are managed via one CUA. Please note that many of those systems have a different support pack level between the same landscape as support package installations are almost constantly ongoing. Installing support packages on the CUA, without doing the same on the clients, should be of no concern.

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