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How long does it take to implement XI?

How long does it take, and how much does it cost to implement and launch SAP XI? Get a ballpark idea here.

Can you tell me about the time and cost requirements for SAP XI to go live? What about the prerequisites and commitments required by the customer for this system?
I certainly need to be careful about what I say on this topic! From my experience, you need a couple of man weeks of learning and training, just to get XI running properly. Then you need to define adapters and business flows in XI to model your specific needs. So you will certainly have to plan for six months minimum to get a system running properly, if you do it right the first time.

I do not see any special commitments required by the customer. XI runs on its own box, thus it is stand-alone. Other systems feed to and receive data from XI. The prerequisites are the same as for an SAP application server.

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