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How important is in-depth configuration experience for PMs?

I have come into SAP as an experienced Project Manager and worked through one complete lifecycle (albeit a long one, 2-3 years). During this time I built a good understanding and familiarity with SAP R/3 modules (FI/HR), SAP's internet framework, and interface technologies while managing the scoping, planning and execution of process and data conversion from legacy systems to the SAP platform.

However, I lack an in-depth configuration background in one or two particular SAP modules and I was wondering if this will be a serious drawback in securing another SAP PM role.
Your 2-3 years of experience on a SAP project will serve you well in the future. While a lack of configuration experience is not a serious drawback, any additional experience and knowledge you can obtain is always helpful. You need to assess your complete resume and see where you can make improvements. If you have time to acquire some new skills, configuration may be an area in which you could take a course, however there may be other areas that would give you even greater exposure.

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