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How effective is non-official SAP training?

I am a graduate engineer working with a MNC as Purchase Engineer for the past 12 years. Out of these 12 years, I have been working as a power user on SAP R/3 for 3 years after my company implemented SAP. I strongly wish to pursue a career in SAP as MM functional consultant. Official training and certification is out of my financial reach. I have found out that there are a few institutes who offer these training at a cost which is affordable to me.

My Questions are
1. Will this type of training help me get a job?
2. What should be my strategy?
You have posed a very good question, as it requires me to make a distinction between types of SAP training that I don't usually make. Generally, when I write about "training and certification" in this column, I am referring to SAP's official courses and exams. But of course, in recent years, all kinds of private companies have emerged claiming to offer SAP training. Some of these private training courses are quite elaborate, including three months of "hands-on" work on an SAP prototype. Sometimes these firms claim they will place you after the training period is over. Since all of these private programs are different, I can't really assess the effectiveness of your particular option. But what I can say is this: no SAP training program is enough, in and of itself, to land you an SAP job anymore. And if the official certification doesn't help you land a job, you can be certain that non-official training will be even less effective. On the other hand, I'm always a big believer in self-education, and I do think hiring managers are generally impressed by the ambition of those folks who finance their own training - as long as these individuals don't "come on strong" and demand a good SAP position in exchange for showing that initiative.

In all honesty, your best chance of getting hands-on SAP experience is through your current company. If you have spent three years on the project there, you have probably built up some goodwill as a super-user that you can use to try to work your way further onto the project. If you can't make any progress internally, it's possible you could find a similar SAP super user role on a different SAP project, and try the same "work from within" tactic on that project. Once again, the best way to get SAP project experience right now is to be a permanent employee who is simply "at the right place at the right time." Easier said than done, I know, but before you invest in any type of SAP training, keep in mind that the most important investment you make is your time, marketing yourself inside and outside of your company, assessing the SAP market overall, and looking for the best place within it. For example, did you truly research SAP's entire product line before deciding to become an MM consultant? As I have said many times, your chances are better trying to break into an emerging area of SAP than a core R/3 area like MM, where you are up against folks with eight and even ten years of experience at this point. Did you consider looking into EBP, SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), or APO? All of these products have some connection to the functionality in the MM module, and it might be that pursuing a new area of SAP would "lower the bar" in terms of getting you into the field. It's not easy to break into SAP implementation work right now - a multi-tiered strategy backed by extensive market research is the best approach to take. As you study SAP's product line, you will find sites like SearchSAP.com, and SAP's own web site, very valuable resources with a lot of quality information. Just scrolling through the "experts" section on this site would give you a great window into where SAP is headed. Good luck!

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I Roland Witbooi worked at the South African Post Office, I were trained on SAP in 2007-2014 working on SAP ERP 2007-2014 by of the organisations Regional Buyers my Training entail Opening & closing of Tenders with tender board; Sourcing of Quotations, Create purchase requisitions on SAP, Supply Chain Regional Manager to approve purchase requisitions, create Purchase Orders and Manager signed off purchase orders, fax or email the purchase orders to relevant suppliers. I want to pursue training to become a consultant or a qualification in SAP.