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How does one identify tcodes for user types?

I'm updating my users with their correct User Type for the User Audit. Is there any listing that identifies which tcodes are for which User Type?

I'm updating my users with their correct User Type for the User Audit. Is there any listing that identifies which...

tcodes are for which User Type? (Example: MM03-Informational, MM02-Operational)

As you know everything is in R/3 tables.
So, you can get a list of "users by type" by querying
table USR02.

The field 'USTYP' indicates the type of user
(Dialog, Background, CPIC).

Once you get a list of users by type, you can use
transaction SUIM to get the list of transactions
assigned to users.

After running SUIM, select Transactions->Transaction Lists
According to Selection With User, Profile or Object->Executable
for user.

You can create your own SQL script to get everything in a
pretty automated way.

Tip: declare cursors

To help you out, see the following SQL queries
(which you can then improve by declaring cursors).

-- This query lists all user accounts that are type Background
in client 400 select * from USR02 where USTYP='B' and MANDT='400'

-- This query lists all activity groups in client 400 assigned 
to the user
select * from AGR_USERS where MANDT='400' AND UNAME='JOHND'

-- This query lists all transactions assigned to 
activity group 'AP_CLERK' in client 400
select TCODE from AGR_TCODES where MANDT='400' and AGR_NAME='AP_CLERK'

This was last published in May 2001

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