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How does an MBA in marketing choose between SAP SD and SAP CRM?

I've been in sales. Is my profile suitable for a career in SAP SD functional?

I am an MBA in marketing. My career profile is as follows:

  • Channel sales in Whirlpool for a period of one year
  • Automobile sales in Toyota for a period of two and a half years
  • ISP marketing in SIFY for nine months

Is my profile suitable for a career in SAP SD Functional?

Also, I am interested more in SAP CRM, but, I have been advised to do SD, going by my background. I am slightly confused as to which module, SD or CRM, I should go for. Please advise.

You are thinking in the right direction. With your marketing and sales background, you want to pursue the area of SAP that matches up with that background, and that is SD and/or CRM. As for which area you should go for, that is a tough call.

I would lean towards CRM only because it is a newer area and so you'll face less competition from senior consultants. However, a good lesson in terms of breaking into SAP is "go where the opportunities are." So keep your mind open in terms of SD, especially if you can get something for SD in 4.7 or 5.0 so you know you'll have current SD skills. SD being a core module, it is in use in more places than SAP CRM. But I would see the future as SAP CRM. For example, there are some areas like Service Management where SAP has functionality in both SD and CRM, but in most cases, SAP has halted development of that functionality with SD and is only enhancing it on the CRM side. So go where the action is, but in case of tiebreaker, I would lean towards SAP CRM.

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