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How does accessing SAP mobile apps affect data usage costs?

SAP mobile apps can be great for worker productivity, but it pays to first consider the direct and indirect costs.

With the explosive growth of mobile devices, one challenge companies face is maintaining a fine balance between deploying SAP mobile apps and controlling costs associated with this mobile access. One such example: Since SAP charges for indirect data usage on mobile devices, companies must scrutinize where to cut costs associated with SAP mobile apps without compromising employee productivity.

Here are some direct and indirect costs associated with SAP mobile apps deployment that companies should consider.

Device costs: A company must provide a uniform set of mobile devices to ensure it is not only able to reap the maximum discount from the hardware vendor, but also able to keep a lid on the subsequent cost of providing mobile access to SAP.

Application development: Even minimal custom development to align with the company's business processes will have associated costs. For this reason, you should first consider whether SAP Fiori apps or other preconfigured apps provide an adequate solution to your company's business needs or whether it truly needs customization -- and the associated costs of in-house app development.

Systems integration: To implement mobile access to SAP, you need connectors for mobile devices to integrate with the back-end SAP ERP system. Consider the costs associated with this integration carefully.

Testing: There is a cost to undertaking extensive performance testing before deploying a mobile app. As with systems integration, consider them carefully.

Recurring costs for maintaining SAP mobile apps is another area that companies need to consider.

Maintenance: New versions of mobile devices, as well as new mobile apps, enter the market frequently. Considering how such updates will affect your SAP mobile apps is crucial to controlling cost.

Connectivity: To avoid costs spiraling out of control, be sure to have an effective mobile data usage plan in place.

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