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How does SAP's contract management solution compare with best-of-breeds?

To what level does SAP do Contract Lifecycle Management, both from the purchasing and from the sales side?

Where are they in relation to the best-of-breed providers like i-many, diCarta or Nextance?

Contract Management is a part of the solution mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). SAP released this functionality generally within the SRM 3.0 – 4.0 releases. This solution is definitely newer compared to the core operational procurement solution (EBP). However, SAP is building towards a more comprehensive contract management solution within SRM.

In my opinion it's not there yet compared to i-many and others. However, keep in mind that those solutions do not align with the enterprise strategy for SAP as a solution. Also, the integration issues provide enough reasoning to compare the functionality between SRM Contract management and i-many, diCarta, etc. It is important to review what the core requirements of the organization are as it relates to Contract Management and then conduct a solution and gap analysis.

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