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How does SAP distribute information with repeated server calls?

How does the SAP applictions handle distributing the right information to workers in multiple locations without making repeated calls to the central server?
In most cases, accessing information from a central instance is a good strategy. A central information delivery hub has many benefits (quality, security, administration, management, development etc.) and having few app servers or re-architecting the central instance data stores can improve performance significantly. But first one needs to know what problems are you are facing with 'repeated calls to the central server'.

You do not always have to go to central server to access information. For example, you can architect regional BW instances or functional BW instances and based on roles (a bit of logic) at the portal level you can route relevant requests to individual regional or function BW instances. I can think of many scenarios in which to implement what you want, but it all depends on your business operational model and how much you want to spend.

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