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How do I use the PARVW field in KNVP?

I would like to know if you have any input as to the PARVW field in KNVP (Partner functions). When I look at the data in SE16 in multiple record mode, I see records with a partner function of 'RG'. However, when I select this record, the partner function value shows 'PY'. To make matters worse, in my ABAP program, I get no data back from my SELECT statement whether I select PARVW = 'PY' or PARVW = 'RG'. Help, please!

In the database, the data is actually stored as RG. Look at the domain for KNVP-PARVW, which is also called PARVW. It has a conversion routine defined on it. Navigate to that, and you will see the two function modules which translate what you put in, PY, into RG, and back again. You see, the partner function codes are language dependent. The values are held in table TPAUM.

In your ABAP program, therefore, you can either use the function module CONVERSION_EXIT_PARVW_INPUT, to convert from the language specific to the internal representation, RG; or use RG directly. Use this code:

tables: knvp.
select single * from knvp where parvw eq 'RG'.
write: knvp.

I successfully read a record. I'd suggest then that your select is failing for some other reason.

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