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How do I use SAP BW to run SRM reports?

Learn how to use BW to run mySAP SRM reports that show approved users. SRM expert Sachin Sethi will tell you how.

Is it possible to pull a report out of SRM that lists all people that are approved by a particular approver?
Hi Julie,

SRM is built on the NetWeaver platform and hence all analytics in SRM are delivered via the business intelligence...

solution. Therefore for standard reporting you have to be using BW at the least. With BW content 3.0 and ahead SAP has provided some standard reporting around shopping cart approvals.

There is a query "0BBP_SCA_Q004" (Overview of Shopping Carts per Approver) which is probably what you should review. There are a few other queries as well around approval of shopping carts that might be of assistance. This should provide you a standard mechanism to achieve what you're after.

If you are not extracting analytics via BW, unfortunately your best bet would be to pursue development.

Sachin Sethi

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