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How do I troubleshoot printing issues with SAPscript?

Learn how to troubleshoot printing issues for SAPscript forms in this expert tip from Mark Smithson.

I have to send an SAPscript form with a logo through fax. On screen, the form and logo appears fine, but when it's printed the logo is distorted. Can you help?
This is a fairly common problem. Basically, you have a form graphic which looks fine in print preview, but it's distorted when printed. You did not specify whether the graphic was uploaded via the old method or the new one. Thus, my first recommendation is that if you were using the old method (TIFF upload program RSTXLDMC), try using the new one instead. The full navigation path is: Tools-> Form printout-> Administration-> Graphic (transaction SE78).

My second recommendation is to check the resolution both in the stored graphic and in the form itself. The graphic resolution is specified in dots per inch, or dpi. The typical value is 300, but it can range from 75 to 600. As the value increases, the dots are pushed closer together, so a 600 dpi graphic will appear much smaller – and sharper – than a 75 dpi one. I prefer to have any needed size adjustments made outside of SAP using a graphics program – before the graphic is uploaded initially – not within SAP itself. That way, the graphic within the form can be set to inherit the same size and resolution.

My third recommendation is to simplify the issue. Start by isolating the graphic. For example, you can put it into a standard text by itself and see how it appears both on-screen and on the printer. Then try a different graphic instead and see how that one appears. Then switch to a different printer. Does the problem still exist? These steps should help to flush out the true culprit.

Finally, if all else fails, check the graphic source. Perhaps there is a problem in the original graphic file imported into SAP. It may need to be re-created in your graphics program and uploaded again to SAP.

These types of issues can be frustrating. Just be patient and you'll figure it out eventually.

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