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How do I print through Adobe Forms on a remote NetWeaver stack system?

In this response, expert Mark Smithson dictates SAP's recommendations for the Adobe technology in NetWeaver.

We currently have an SAP 4.6c system but would potentially like to take advantage of the Adobe print forms within NetWeaver. We would be open to install the necessary components of NetWeaver 2004s on a new server to get this functionality.

Have you ever connected a 4.6c system to print through Adobe Forms on a remote NetWeaver stack system? Is so, for what type of documents?

There are scenarios where Adobe print forms definitely should be considered. Unfortunately, this is not one of them.

In fact, SAP explicitly recommends NOT to use the Adobe technology for back-end printing in such a setup. They are not sure about performance implications, but assume that it will be too slow for customers. See also the FAQs at service.sap.com/adobe > FAQ.

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