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How do I preform remote NetWeaver installations?

Check out what our expert has to say about installing NetWeaver through a remote AS400 system.

We have an AS400 box located on a remote location. We want to use the SAPINST standalone to install SAP NetWeaver but it is taking long time to install on the WAN. We do not have a local PC on LAN for installation.

We are planning to use the Windows terminal server installed on AS400 and we want to access the server using Windows Client to run SAPINST. I just wanted to check the feasibility of such a solution and what have been the experiences using such a solution.

During the installation on AS400, the installation runs on the AS400. It is only the SAPINST GUI which runs on the local PC. Except for the irritatingly slow SAPINST screens and the slow reaction on mouse clicks, the fact that the installation is done remotely should have limited impact.

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