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How do I move into the SAP industry from IT tech support?

Can a tech support worker start a career in SAP without programming know-how? Axel Angeli weighs in.

I want to change careers in the SAP industry. I have been in the IT field in tech support for more than 10 years. I do not have a forte for programming so I want an easy transition into SAP...so what is your advice in this?
The demand in the SAP arena is for programming consultants or consulting developers. If you want to enter the SAP markets, I only see a realistic chance through the development area. There are some niches for real experts that have special skills when it comes to integrating this technology into SAP as we ask for in EAI or SOA circles, but they are traditionally tied to development as well. You may want to post the question in Jon Reed's column again, who is the career expert rather.

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