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How do I make a screen active in transaction PPOME in HR as a new TAB?

How do I make a screen active in transaction PPOME in HR as a new TAB? I do have an MP* program with screens 1000, 2000 and 3000 for normal use, but in PPOME I need a 7000, which I have created, but it does not work.
All infotypes that are to be added to the transaction, either SAP or Customer MUST have a screen 7000. This makes integration very simple. Another option is to develop a Module Pool with a screen and code to present one or many infotypes, but this is very time consuming compared with simply adding 7000 as a copy of 2000.

In the case of SAP, standard infotypes that must added without an existing screen 7000 a screen 9000 must be created to take the place of the 7000. Screen 9000 is in the customer name space but must be created in the SAP development class. At a previous client of mine, for example 9000 screens were created for infotypes 1005, 1037 and 1050. Requests were made for development of screens for 1005 and 1016, but due to the special nature of the screens it was not possible.

Entries must be made in T77ID to reflect the additional screen.

Configuration Steps

Various steps must be performed to achieve the requirements, which include:

  • Removing Tabs
  • Adding Tabs
  • Adding Search Nodes
Scenario Scenario OME0 is configured to reflect the requested changes. View T77OMTABUS defines the tabs that are available by scenario per object.

Removing Tabs

Maintain View T77OCTABUS

Add Object and Tab page entries for the correct scenario to remove entries.

Adding Tabs

The first step is to define a tab page in view T77OMTABS. In most cases, this should be an Infotype specific entry that uses screen 7000. For solutions that are more complex a Module Pool can be developed.

Once added, perform the same step defined in Removing a Tab, it will have the reverse effect. Use the Sequence number to determine order.

Adding a Search Area

To add an Area to a Search Node you must customize V77CSEAT. In this case, one entry was added for Object type C to allow for a search on Job Group/Family/Series.

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