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How do I link user IDs to positions in SAP?

Our expert discusses safe practices and benefits of linking a user ID to a position within SAP.

What are the implications when using a position as a user ID and then linking that position to transactional roles?

A user ID and a position are always different entities in SAP. A user ID should always be tied to an individual who uses the SAP system. SAP allows you to link a user ID to a position as long as that user holds the position.

This linkage allows significant additional control opportunity through structural authorizations to control the scope of a user's actions in the HR system, including Personnel Administration and Organizational Management. It also allows you to assign roles for the rest of the SAP system to positions which are then subsequently assigned in a batch process to the user who holds the position. When the user (person) is transferred to another position the security associated with the previous position is removed.

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