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How do I get the SAP SRM search box to function properly?

When this user tries to find material in the catalogue by entering the material number or the description of the material in the search box, nothing shows up. Sachin Sethi comes to the rescue.

When we are trying to find the material in the catalogue by entering the material number or the description of the material, nothing is coming up. No matter what I type in the search box when trying to find material, it does not function properly. However, when we are searching for material by using the product index, we are able to find what we are looking for.

We are using the Oracle database in conjunction with BugsEye. Can you let us know what the proper procedure is when searching for material by the material number?

I don't have a lot of detail about the product release you are working on in your message. However, here are my general thoughts:

In Requisite BugsEye, when a search is performed, only the products (items) that have been indexed in the database are available for searching. You might want to check with your database administrators to determine whether the jobs are running with "Full-text indexing". This enables free-text searching within the catalog.

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