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How do I create a transaction code in a Smart Form without using a print program?

Our expert explains why you need a print/driver program to create transaction codes in Smart Forms.

I created a Smart Form without a print program. I wrote the entire logic in the Smart Form itself and I am getting the desired output. Now my question is, can I create a transaction code for the Smart Form? For example, I want to create transaction code ZXXXX. If it is possible to create transaction codes, how can I do it?
When generated, your Smart Form creates a dynamically named ABAP function module. You need a print/driver program to wrap around and invoke this function module. In many cases it can be a basic affair (e.g., see SAP-provided ABAP program SF_EXAMPLE_01).

Once your print program is in place, link a ZXXXX transaction code to this program and you're done. For application-driven output, it may be possible to link a configured 'output type' to it instead. For this you'd probably need to work with a business analyst familiar with output determination in the relevant SAP module.

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