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How do I add two roles to 100 users at a time?

How do I add two roles to 100 users at a time?
You can do this via transaction SU10, which is for User Mass Changes. I'm copying an excerpt of my upcoming book, from chapter 8: Security, so you can get this done:

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The following steps will show you how to do that:
1. Run SU10.
2. Select the users you want to add the roles to.
-Click Address Data.
-If there's a user criteria enter it. Otherwise, click Execute to display all users.
-On the next screen, check the users you want to transfer back to the main maintenance window.
-Click Transfer.
3. The users you chose should be visible in the user maintenance screen. If not, repeat step 2
4. Click Change.
5. Assign the roles.
-Click Roles.
-Enter the roles you want to assign to the users.
-Make sure that Add is chosen.
-Click Save.
-Answer Yes when prompted to save the mass changes.
6. Read the log and make sure that there were no errors.
You can also use this same technique to remove roles from multiple user accounts.
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