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How do I add an SAP object to an email in order to recover it in the workflow container?

A reader asks how to send an email with an attachment (external document: txt, Office, etc) as an SAP object so it can be recovered in the workflow container (_Adhoc_Objects).

I need to send an email with an attachment (external document: txt, Office, etc). I do not know how to add this kind of document as an SAP object in order to be able to recover it in the workflow container (_Adhoc_Objects). Can you help?
Your best bet to achieve this is to convert the external document (TXT, XLS, DOC, etc) into an object instance of the SOFM type. Then you can bind it in to either _Adhoc_Objects or _Attach_Objects.

You can use method SOFM.ImportFile to create a SOFM based document on your external file.

This was last published in April 2007

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