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How do I account for expenses in an SAP IDoc segment?

An SAP users is trying to account for unplanned delivery expenses in an SAP IDoc, and wants to know what the qualifier should be when using segment E1EDP26.

I want to capture unplanned delivery expenses in an SAP IDoc. In the user exit "EXIT_SAPLMRMH_014," there is a mention of using "E1EDS01."

What should be the qualifier if I am able to use E1EDP26? (Note: My unplanned expenses have no reference to purchase orders because it is not mentioned in a purchase order.)

If you look in SE11 for the structure (data type) of E1EDP26, you see that qualifier QUALF has a data element. Drill down the data element to the domain and check out the value range for the domain. There, you shall see possible data values.
This was last published in April 2010

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