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How do I access data that is not among the interface parameters when I'm in the user exit?

Hi, Matthew. How could I access data in the main program from the function? I have a standard SAP program, and I am in the user exit (through a call function). Inside the user exit I want to access data from the main program that is not among the interface parameters.
Set a breakpoint in the user exit. Then in the debugger, look at Goto --> System --> System Areas and choose MEMORIES.

Here you will find all the IDs of the data that has been EXPORTED TO MEMORY. Double click on each of these, and you may get some idea of the contents. Otherwise, search for these memory IDs in the calling code, and you should be able to determine the structure of the fields/tables to IMPORT the data into.

Of course, if SAP hasn't done an EXPORT, this method won't work.

I hope that helps. Otherwise, I do have a vague recollection of a method that opens ALL the variables of the calling program to you. But I've had a dig around my archive, and can't find it. If I do, I'll be sure to publish it.

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