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How can companies keep track of SuccessFactors software upgrades?

SuccessFactors releases enhancements on a quarterly and ongoing basis -- here's how to stay on top of important updates and select the features your company needs.

SuccessFactors releases product enhancements on a quarterly basis that offer numerous features across the suite....

The features are often opt-in, meaning users must actively enable them. A small number of features are pushed to all customers, while some features require additional effort from SuccessFactors Support or an implementation partner.

Typically, you will not notice any changes when a quarterly release goes into effect. When planning to make a larger change that users will notice, SuccessFactors usually provides a lead time of several months to give companies adequate time to invest in change management. SuccessFactors also recently announced at their annual SuccessConnect conference that they will be introducing quarterly releases to customer test instances a month prior to release into production to provide a period of readiness assessment and change management preparation.

To support the management of new features, SuccessFactors provides the Upgrade Center (see Figure 1). This feature enables users to review and apply new features and enhancements from the quarterly releases. It also covers important legal changes that companies may need to apply to stay compliant.

SuccessFactors Upgrade Center
Figure 1. The SuccessFactors Upgrade Center allows users to review and apply enhancements from quarterly releases.

The Upgrade Center provides a description of each feature, notes about the impact on users, the implementation time and which permissions you need to apply the feature.

Although SuccessFactors makes quarterly releases, they will also provide more regular minor releases to fix product bugs, at the discretion of SuccessFactors' engineering teams, to ensure that customers can continue to use SuccessFactors uninterrupted.

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How does your enterprise manage SuccessFactors software upgrades?
We are in a position to manage the new features coming with SuccessFactors using the Upgrade Center that allows us to apply or review changes in the new features and improvements which are released quarterly. These also assist us in covering up for important legal changes that we need to look into when applying the new features as part of remaining compliant to the regulatory system. It also allows for regular minor fix product bugs.
Ours is a work in progress.  We have been meeting with the business partners after the webinars (One Voice) are available and watched. The partners discuss what, if anything, they would like to have turned on in test from the webinar recordings.  We go over the timeline and when the new feature can be turned on in the test environment.  From there the administrators of the system will make the changes once the release is in test.  These changes are tested by the business partners and then communicated to the administrators when ready to make the same change in Production.

We also have been working with this same process with testing the release.  We meet to discuss the timeline and go over any test script changes.  Testers are identified and scripts are executed. We were not in the first group to have the release pushed to us 30 days prior in our test environment.  We are scheduled for this next release.  Our test scripts are geared toward test and production, but our scripts for test are a little more thorough because we can test more with test data than with live data.

This process sort of mirrors our IT testing cadence in a skinny down version.

Just wondering if there is a standard checklist (module wise) which can be used for system wellness check after the quarterly upgrades.

We are trying to create an standard operating procedure and listing down all activities step-by-step, to be carried out after the quarterly upgrades.
Your ERP system is the anchor of your business. Having system optimized, healthy and stable is imperative. However, comes a time to upgrade or migrate.