How can SuccessFactors Presentations make talent reviews more dynamic?

SuccessFactors Presentations can merge static PowerPoint slides with dynamic, real-time information from the SuccessFactors talent management system. Here's how to use the Presentations application.

SuccessFactors Presentations offers an easy way to create interactive talent presentations that display data from...

the system in real time. The application uses Microsoft PowerPoint as a foundation for these presentations.

Once it is enabled, access the SuccessFactors Presentations application from the module navigation menu. When you're in the application, use the + button to create a new presentation. After naming the presentation in a pop-up box, you will be taken into the Talent Review Meeting screen. The Microsoft PowerPoint presentation can be uploaded by selecting the Menu button in the top-left corner and selecting Upload PowerPoint Slides. This presentation will then display in the Slide Holding Area at the bottom of the screen. You can drag each of the slides up into the main presentation area at the top of the screen to form the presentation (see Figure 1).

SuccessFactors Talent Review Meeting
Figure 1. Slides from a PowerPoint presentation in the Slide Holding Area and a Live Slide.

Now you can add one or more live slides -- the interactive content slides within the presentation that pull real-time data from the SuccessFactors system -- by selecting the Menu button and selecting Add Live Slide. There are various types of live slides. These include:

  • Performance-Potential Matrix
  • How vs. What Matrix
  • Succession Org Chart
  • Team View
  • Talent Pool
  • People Grid
  • Compensation Review

Each of these slide types has different selection criteria that allow each slide to show different live data from the system based on those criteria. You can insert each slide into the existing presentation and also preview them to see how they will look when the presentation is conducted.

An additional feature is the ability to add Hot Spots to the static slides, which is any slide that is not live. This enables dynamic content -- such as a link to a Talent Card, which will display up-to-date information about an employee -- to be added to static slides so that you access it during a presentation.

SuccessFactors preview presentation
Figure 2. Previewing the presentation.

Once the setup is done then the presentation is ready to go. Select Start Presentation on the presentation, in the Presentations homepage.

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