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How can SAP ProMan help with the procurement process?

SAP ProMan can be a one-stop tool for executing a project's procurement-related functions and providing better visibility into procurement processes.

Project planners handling large projects know how difficult it can be to track thousands of project-related activities...

and procurement elements. Project-Oriented Procurement (ProMan) is a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard available in the SAP Project System component that can help project planners not only perform important business functions but also maintain comprehensive project visibility and traceability.

In a large project, such as commissioning and building a cement manufacturing plant, there are tens of thousands of possible activities and business functions involved. These business functions may include acquiring land, buying machinery and spares for cement production and tracking inventory of all materials required to build the plant.

In this example, multiple project planners and business users would simultaneously work on the project to perform business functions such as scheduling operations and issuing purchase orders to procure materials. However, business users perform their functions in their respective SAP components, such as Materials Management, Production Planning or Inventory Management. SAP ProMan not only provides a dashboard to perform business functions, but a single source of comprehensive information on the status of the project.

Figure 1 shows a project (named "Base Transmitter Station") in SAP ProMan. The menu on the left side contains some of the activities and elements involved in the project. On the right side, users can perform business functions such as creating a purchase order or reserving a material from stock. A complete reporting dashboard is also available. Choosing the relevant tab displays the desired information.

Project-Oriented Procurement
Figure 1. Project-Oriented Procurement (ProMan).

ProMan does not require any configuration, as the standard SAP offering meets most business needs. Business users can start using it if they are familiar with the SAP Project System component. The transaction code to access ProMan is CNMM. If needed, business users can themselves explore the features and functionality that SAP ProMan offers or companies can arrange for necessary training.

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