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How can I update my SAP skill set?

I had significant experience with an early version of SAP working at Heidelberg Druckmachien (original SAP site) in Waldorf, Germany. How do I functionally go about updating my skill set?
The company offers lots of upgrade training and exams. I used to live in Heidelberg myself once, many long years ago and still think fondly of the place. They used to send me to Waldorf to summer camp when I was a kid, about 40 years ago. I bet things have changed a lot since then (und waere es Ihnen lieber, koennte wir uns auf Deutsch weiter unterhalten).

I'd urge you to visit the SAP Web site and check their upgrade class offerings in the education area in their services organization. Having been through those offerings frequently in the course of answering these questions for TechTarget, I can tell you they do a pretty good job of making people current on the available set of SAP products and development environments.


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