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How can I remap global company codes in user exit?

This problem occurs if one SAP system is a part of several ALE-processes. SAP has a functionality for converting Company Codes using Cross System company Codes. If the Sending system of one ALE-process (eg. Chart of Account Master Data) sends a different Global Company code than a Sending system of another ALE-process (eg. Supplier Master data) it's not possible to assign more than one Global Company Code to one Company code in the receiving system.

We cannot find a User Exit to tackle this problem. The conversion of Global Company Codes seems to be performed before the Process code as defined in the Partner Profile is "entered", so it's no option to use a "Z..." process code.
If I understand your problem right, you have different global company codes in different systems of your ALE landscape. This is definitely a misunderstanding of the sense of Global company codes. They are meant to consolidate the company codes across systems. You can have individual company codes in the individual system, but the global company code must by uniquely mapped across all participating ALE systems. That is what the global company codes have been introduced for: to give the individual local codes a unique, non-contradicting name. That is why there is no user-exit at all for this sake.

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