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How can I break into the SAP world?

I started researching SAP courses and came across a lot being offered. I would like to get your expert advice on which course to select.

Since the courses offered span the various modules of SAP (FI, CO, PP, ABAP Workbench), I'm in a dilemma. I want to get enrolled in a suitable course that can fetch me a good-paying job in the SAP market. I don't have prior experience in the SAP market, I might add. I have strong knowledge from two years of functional experience, and I have also participated as the main resource in testing and evaluating different products/processes on Oracle Financials. I am a CPA, CMA and CGA besides having an MBA. The areas I like to move into are Sarbanes-Oxley, business intelligence and SEM. Please let me know what specific course I should take and what path I should follow to break into the SAP world. Thanks.
The problem with your goals and the various course offerings available is that there is something of a mismatch. You may be better off trying to look for training in your specific areas of interest -- Sarbanes Oxley (by which I presume you to mean compliance preparation, auditing and so forth), business intelligence (by which I assume you mean various forms of data mining and analysis, trend analysis and market analysis used to do forward tactical and strategic business planning) and SEM (by which I'm not sure if you mean "search engine marketing" or "simulation, engineering and modeling") -- than trying to pursue these goals at the same time you're also taking SAP coursework.

The only exception here is the rather extensive set of offerings that SAP offers on business intelligence topics (as you'd expect in a product that claims to offer superior support for that activity). In that case, it looks to me like the solution consultant or technical consultant courses will best address your interests, technical focus and long-term career plans. Depending on your interests, it also looks like you might want to investigate the company's NetWeaver curriculum, particularly since it includes all kinds of development, knowledge management and business intelligence components.

Another course of action I'd strongly recommend is to find a SAP consultant to whom you can ask these same questions. I'm in the position of being on the outside looking in -- I'm not certified in SAP and have only a superficial knowledge of their courseware and certification program offerings. Someone who knows the details of their courses, programs and other offerings more intimately can probably provide more focused advice than I can.

You'll also find these Web pages on the SAP site of interest:

  1. Consultant Education: Solution Academy
  2. SAP Education: Certification program
  3. SAP Education: E-Learning
I hope my response has been useful despite the limited number of specific recommendations. Do feel free to post again if you have further comments, questions or concerns.


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