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How an SAP IDoc influences the size of an SAP BW database

An SAP user wants to know the correct SAP transaction code to use when looking for the overall contribution of an SAP IDoc to the size of a database in SAP BW.

What correct SAP transaction code should I use to find out the overall contribution of an SAP IDoc to the size of the database in SAP BW system?
An SAP IDoc is made from the length of the EDIDC record (1 instance per IDoc) and EDID4 (length = 1033bytes multiplied by number of data records in the IDoc).

You can check the defined record size of a database table in transaction code SE11 in UTILITIES-->RUNTIME. The actual size used in the database is difficult to determine, since it depends on the degree of compression imposed on the data record. The size of the database table can be analyzed with DB02. In your case you need to check tables EDID4 and EDIDC and EDIDS.

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