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How IDoc works in SAP

We are currently using SAP 3.1I and 4.6B. The 3.1I is used for FICO/MM/SD/PP/PM and we are using 4.6B only for HR and Payroll. We have ALE and other interfaces to post FI/HR-related transactions from 4.6B to 3.1I. We are planning to turn off our SAP 4.6B and it will be replaced by a new system, Ceridian, for our HR Payroll. We will be using IDoc for the interface.

I'm new to this IDoc functionality. I don't know how I can link the FI/HR data from the external system, Ceridian, to SAP. Any idea that you can give me on how iDoc works in SAP? Can you explain step by step process and where to configure IDoc?
I do not know Ceridian. The catch-all solution would be to let Ceridian write a file with the data. Then you run a watchdog that picks the file, processes the IDocs and moves the file away into a different directory for archiving (or simply delete the file). If Ceridian is able to make RFC calls, you can hand over the iDoc to function IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS directly. If Ceridian cannot write iDoc format easily, then let it export your rollup and read the file with ABAP, convert it, and then call the appropriate BAPI. How this all works behind the scenes, you can read in "SAP R/3 Guide to EDI and Interfaces" (see: http://netweaverguru.com for details).

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