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Homogeneous copy of R/3 System on NT - MSSQL

This is regarding Homogeneous copy of R/3 System on NT - MSSQL.

I went exactly like is mentioned in the Note 339912, but problems surfaced. I have also copied all the SAP usr files, but...

I logon to the system and go to se38 to create a program, it says "System error occurred during Lock management". When I go into SM12 (Lock management), it says "System error during lock operation. Execute diagnostics in SM12", when I go into Diagnostics, it gives me System_failure dump.

It seems that the system has a problem with the CTO. Did you run SE06 and configure the TMS on this server? I'm wondering if you created a new system or if you just upgraded hardware?

After starting the new R/3 system, run transaction SICK, SM21, SM50, ST22 and make sure that everything is fine even before users start working on the server.

My book "SAP Basis Administration ... A Step-by-Step Guide to Practical Daily Tasks and Activities" covers this very well in chapter 11. The whole chapter is about "Homogeneous System Copies". You are presented a full copy example.

If you like send me more information at sapbasis@giovannidavila.com and I'll do my best to assist you.

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